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I am feeling super American today!  Where else would so much of what happened recently be possible?  Just think about what we’ve witnessed!

We have held a presidential election and, although it made history for its divisive nature, the American people and our democratic process prevailed.   Some people are happy and truly believe that our new president and his vision will make America a better place to live for all of us.  Others are afraid of what’s to come.  Not everybody agrees with the result, not everybody is happy, but this is our process and we elected a new president.

We witnessed a peaceful transition of power over the past several weeks.  Our outgoing administration, despite their personal or political views, did everything they could to ensure that our government remained intact and fully functional as our new administration got up to speed and was in a position to manage their new roles.

Yesterday, an inauguration ceremony was held.  Among those present were former presidents, members of both political parties, the candidate that lost the presidential election and hundreds of thousands of people there to witness this event.  People that supported this candidate and those that opposed him were all gathered in the same place to support and respect our democratic process, regardless of their individual views.  All present were hopeful for the future, respectful of our traditions, and joined together by their hopes and fears for the future of our country.

Today, there are hundreds of thousands of people marching in peaceful protests across the globe.  They, in the time-honored tradition of peaceful protest, are expressing their concern over the direction that the incoming administration has indicated they are going.  They are also letting the new president know that their voices are important, that they have concerns, and they want them to be acknowledged.

I, personally, am inspired by all of these events.  Whether your candidate won or lost, you cannot help but admire the process, the ability of all of these people to react with civility, with honor, and with good intentions while staying true to their beliefs.  All of us, each and every one of us, should be committed to staying true to our beliefs, to work for what we believe in.  If you don’t believe something is being done the right way or you want to see something changed, you have the ability to make your voice heard, to make a change.  This is our America and this is how it’s done.  What more could we, as Americans, ask for?  Regardless of your individual views on the incoming president, the issues, the protests, please take a moment to appreciate the fact that we, as Americans, are ABLE to have a view, express our opinions, and fight for what we believe in!

God Bless America!

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