What IS Comfort Food, Anyway?

comfort food

Who doesn’t love comfort food?  Comfort food is simply the food (or foods) that make you feel better when you think about them; it comforts you.  They are particularly handy to make when you’re stressed, sad, or anxious because it makes you feel better.  If you’re happy, they make you even happier!  It makes me nostalgic.

I said something about comfort food one day when my kids were younger and they didn’t believe there was such a thing.  They insisted that I made it up.  I had to prove that the phrase “comfort food” was a real thing and that other people knew about it too.  They’re convinced that we make things up to tell them; I’m not sure why.  It’s something to do with me telling them about the eyes in the back of my head when they were little.

Anyway, comfort food means something different to each one of us.  For me, it’s pot roast with potatoes and carrots (even if I don’t eat the carrots) and smoked butt and cabbage (which the women in our family ate when they were 9 months pregnant and wanted to have the baby; btw- it works!).  I also appreciate the good old “shit on a shingle” (white sauce with corned beef and peas), usually served on toast but I like mine straight up.  Peach cobbler was a favorite of mine and seldom made nowadays, but I loved it with whipped cream on top.  Every holiday that we got together, I had the green jello salad that my grandmother made just for me (or at least she made me feel that way).  I might just have to make that this week!

Each one of these foods brings up memories of good times and warm feelings.  That’s what comfort food means; it’s something that stirs up your emotions and reminds you of love, of home, or of a happy time.  If you’re really lucky (like me), you have the handwritten recipe from your mother, grandmother, or other person that made your favorite comfort food for you.  That’s something that you can’t replace!

Each of us has our own list of comfort foods.  I know a number of people that include macaroni and cheese in this category.   I think almost everybody would include chocolate cake!

I’ve listed my favorites.  What are some of YOUR favorite comfort foods?


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