What Makes Something Go Viral?

are_we_supposed_to_be_happy? cause_we're_not
are we supposed to be happy? ’cause we’re not.

Nowadays it seems that the goal of anything you write, take a picture of, or post is to have it go viral. What does this mean and how does it happen? Well, According to Urban Dictionary, “an image, video, or link that spreads rapidly through a population by being frequently shared with a number of individuals has ‘gone viral’.”

So, what do you think? Do you think that’s the actual goal of some people or do you think that it’s the unintentional consequence of something that they did? It’s either and both! I’ve seen videos that are clearly intended to be distributed as a viral video simply to garner followers. There are several benefits to putting things out there. I think some people just want the fun or challenge of seeing if they can get something to go viral. It can also drive people to their site, inspire people to follow them, and get their name out there. These are all good reasons to share something with the intent of going viral.

I’ve also seen pictures and videos that are just so cute, emotional, bold, or different that they end up going viral completely by accident. Those are my favorites. The ones that you can tell are created unintentionally, that are so genuine and heartfelt that they deserve to be shared. I think that most of us have more in common than not, despite politics and different points of view, lifestyles, etc. I think, deep down, we all want to be connected to others, to be touched on an emotional level. I think that’s why the photos and videos of babies and pets do so well; we can all identify with the feelings that they stir up with no effort and no thought. These kinds of subjects really don’t inspire much controversy other than whether you’re a dog lover or cat lover. I like all the humorous ones, the inspirational ones like “Simple Reminders” and the funny animal-related ones like “The Dodo”. We can reach these either online or thru Facebook or Twitter. Just be careful; they’re addicting and you can find yourself still online two hours later before you even look up! I think there’s just so much else in our world that causes us grief and negative reactions that these types of posts give us welcome relief. I think it’s like a coffee break for our life. It’s quick, easy, and positive.

So, to those of you posting the videos, pictures, or quotes that touch our lives in a positive way, I say “Thank You” and keep up the good work! This is my contribution for today. I’m including a picture of a baby and 2 dogs! I’d love to see some of your own pictures that you think should go viral if you want to send them along in the comments!

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    1. Why thank you! The baby is my first grandbaby and the pups are mine! As you can tell, they were not enthused with his arrival.
      We’re 8 months in and they are just slightly more happy when he visits 🙂

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