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I’m sure that a lot of you have seen the video of the young man saving a bunny rabbit from the wildfires that are raging in California. When I first saw this video on ABC via Twitter, I was so overwhelmed by different emotions, I needed to react to it.

In the craziness of our everyday lives on top of the politics, hatred, and negativity that we’re living with daily, this was so inspiring to me! It’s so easy to get caught up in the things that we’re dealing with, the things that are problems in our lives, that we sometimes overlook the good that we encounter or we just pass it up on our way to get things done.

The video of this young man risking his life to save a rabbit from the raging fires really hit me. It signifies all that is good in our world. Watching him, I could just feel the emotions he seemed to be experiencing.

I watched this a few times in a row because I just FELT the good in it! I really needed that. Sometimes we get to a place where we really need something good to see, to happen, to make us realize that we really are okay.

Judging by the reactions to this tweet, I’m definitely not the only one to have been affected by this. Let me know how you felt after watching it!

Please check out the video here: Fire Video

Here’s my Twitter response:

Damn… and just like that my faith in humanity is restored. We’re definitely broken right now but THIS? This means we’re going to be okay. Thanks, young man, for being a good person. Our world needs a lot more people like you. I’m sure his mother is none too happy with him tho

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would love to hear about any experiences that you’ve had that have inspired you! I think we could all use a little positive in our life right now. Share your story!

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2 thoughts on “Feel-Good Moment!”

  1. Thank you for that moment of true compassion today!! You are so true, there is so much negative, and horrible things going on in our world every day lately, that we tend to lose sight of the good deeds. Too bad more don’t follow this path!! Thank you again!

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