Don’t feel up to doing much?

We need to take care of ourselves physically and mentally. Sometimes that means we need to take a beat and JUST take care of ourselves and that’s okay. It’s the most important job that we have. What can you do when you really don’t want to do anything?

Whether you’re ill or feeling down, we all have days when we’re feeling “less than”. You’re not quite up to doing much or don’t really feel like getting involved in anything. If you want to do something, but not much, there are lots of choices!

I’m not sure about you, but on days that I don’t feel well enough to do a lot or when I’m feeling down, I get mad or I feel bad because I feel like I should still be doing something. None of us want to feel lazy but some days require more rest or down time than others. Sometimes I don’t even have enough energy to think about much. Rather than feel bad about it, I’ve made a list of low-key activities that I can do instead. Having a list means I don’t have to think about it. All I have to do is grab my list! These activities vary from zero energy to a little bit more energy or thought. Depending on how you’re feeling, there’s something to choose from that will keep you busy, make the time go by a little easier, and hopefully make you feel better! Add your own ideas to it and you’ll be all set.

I hope this helps to make your low-key days just a little bit easier!

Author: Deb's Theory

I'm just an ordinary woman getting through life. I think most of us are doing the same--doing the best we can every day and hoping it's enough. By sharing our stories, our thoughts, and common experiences, I'm hoping it will make it all just a little bit easier to BE.

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