Me & My Coffeepot

RIP, Mr. Coffee

Serious coffee drinkers will appreciate this. I will admit it; I still have a coffeepot instead of a Keurig (or I did). I killed it. I got up as usual this morning and blindly fumbled my way into the kitchen. I filled it with water, took a nice big sniff of my Dunkin’ Donuts ground coffee as I filled it, and turned it on. Nothing happened. Nothing at all. I unplugged it, plugged it back in and it beeped at me and then just sat there. That woke me up!

Let me explain a little bit. I have a very healthy (from my perspective) relationship with my coffee. Throughout the years, it’s gotten me through a whole lot from babies up all night (where’s my coffee?) to dealing with my chronic illness (need coffee to function) and now, simply, to manage my life. It’s become more than just something to wake me up or make me more alert. Now, as it turns out, it’s more along the lines of a security blanket for me. It’s dependable. It’s there every single morning to cheer me on, to let me know that I can get started and make it through the day. It’s like an old friend that you can count on. I know that sounds crazy to those of you that either don’t drink coffee or view it as a treat or an occasional indulgence. For those of us that depend on it, though, there’s nothing worse than waking up expecting that first cup of coffee and getting nothing…zip…zilch. Continue reading “Me & My Coffeepot”

Driving Me Crazy!


I don’t know what kind of driver you are, but I like to think of myself as a regular driver.  I keep pace with everybody around me (ok, maybe a little bit faster but not crazy), change lanes when I’m supposed to, use my turn signal, and try to be considerate.  Now, I don’t know why those concepts are so difficult to grasp, but there sure are a lot of drivers that don’t seem to understand driving etiquette.  They drive me crazy and I try really really hard to be patient with these idiots on the road, but I can’t.  No matter what I do, I experience road anxiety.  What is road anxiety?  It’s my version of road rage, but with normal people reactions rather than violent ones.  I have bursts of anxiety, fright, anger, revenge, and (major) irritation.  I try to remember to be gracious when I drive and give people the benefit of the doubt.  Usually it doesn’t work. Continue reading “Driving Me Crazy!”

Waiting Room Etiquette


So recently I’ve had the pleasure(?) of sitting in a waiting room and wanted to share my opinion on this topic.  Obviously we all have to wait for things, especially doctors, in these rooms.  None of us want to be here; we all have other places that we’d rather be (e.g., anywhere else).  But, since we’re stuck in this room together, I have a couple of of helpful hints that will make it more pleasant for all of us.

Bring something to do.  Sitting or standing and staring at the rest of us, walking around, and fidgeting can be avoided if you simply bring something with to entertain yourself. Continue reading “Waiting Room Etiquette”

Hardest Part of Grocery Shopping


I don’t know about you, but I’m not particularly fond of grocery shopping – for several reasons, some of which include:

  • I lose a few hours of my time that I could be using for other, more fun, activities like doing laundry or washing dishes.
  • I have to spend a large amount of my taxed income to buy food that I get to pay more tax on.
  • I have to lug the groceries from the store to the car, from the cart to the trunk, from the trunk to the house, to the refrigerator, the freezer, and cabinets.
  • I feel compelled to spend the next half hour cleaning the fridge out before I put new food in there.
  • Then I feel guilty about all the food I just threw away from the last shopping trip!

The very worst part of grocery shopping, though?  The fruit and vegetable aisle.   I start getting anxious a few aisles away.  I tell myself “this time it will be better”.  I try to stay positive.  The very first time I pick up an apple and go to put it into one of those flimsy, tissue paper- thin plastic bags, I realize I’m wrong.  It’s not better this time.  Why, oh why, can’t I open these bags?  What is wrong with me?  I try to peel it apart…nothing.  Continue reading “Hardest Part of Grocery Shopping”