New Year’s Revelations

New Year’s Revelations

I’m going a different way this New Year’s.  I’m not making resolutions on the 1st to be done by the 7th.  I’m taking the first week or two after the New Year’s parties are over before I decide on anything.  We’re all so busy from Halloween through New Years with preparation, celebrations, food, and fun.  Who’s wasting good time thinking about what you want to do differently?  I just want to relax, have fun, and not think about much more than that.  That’s what the holidays are for.

What I’m doing now that things are about to calm down is taking the time to really think.  I’m thinking about this past year, maybe the last few years (okay, maybe the last 11 or 12 years).  I’m thinking about the things that have happened to me, the things that make me happy and the things that make me not-so-happy.  I’m going to think about my part in each of these; what could or should I have learned from each of these things that have happened?  Am I making the same mistake over and over?  Am I missing the bigger point by focusing on each and every detail?  What have I found that has made me happier?  What else can I do that would bring me even more happiness?   The answers to these are my revelations.

When I think I’m ready, I’m going to take each of those revelations and decide how I’m going to achieve each one.  That’s going to be my New Year’s resolution, but it’s going to be a well thought out goal rather than a usual or expected resolution that may not have much impact on my life.   Your own resolutions, based on your revelations, are going to last a whole lot longer because they mean a lot more to your life.   I’m sure we all want to be a healthy weight, be in at least the minimum state of fitness, quit smoking, etc.  These are all good resolutions, but not particularly personal or beneficial depending on where you’re at in your life.  Sometimes our souls and hearts know what’s better for us than our minds do.  Let yourself look back, think about your life, your happy and sad experiences.  Where do you want to go from here?  Who do you want to share your life with?  Who makes you feel good and who doesn’t?  What are the things that make you smile?  Which ones do the opposite?  Take the time, take ownership of your life, and make your resolutions based on what you deserve.  Make a plan to achieve a life full of happy!

I’m curious; do you make New Year’s resolutions?  How do YOU decide what your resolutions will be?  How do you hold yourself accountable to meet your goals?   I’d love to hear from you!

I wish you all the very best of health and happiness in 2017!


Breakfast Tips

breakfast coffee
breakfast coffee

Did you ever think about how much less money waitresses make in the morning versus working the dinner shift?  I feel bad for them.  They have to get up earlier than most of us to be there all wide awake and friendly in order to greet us first thing in the morning.  They have to be cheerful to those of us that most definitely are not that fun to be around early in the day.  They have to make sure your food is delivered to you as soon as it’s out because who likes cold eggs or pancakes?  They come to the table a lot more than a waitress does at dinner…at least for me, who likes my coffee refilled pretty much every time she walks by.

So what do they get for all of this?  They get a fraction of the money that waitresses earn later in the day. Lunch waitresses get ripped off a little bit too but they, at least, get to sleep in, still are home at night, and still make more money than breakfast waitresses do.  In fact, most lunches are getting to be as expensive as some dinners.

Let’s figure this out.  Let’s say that you are going to breakfast and dinner with 3 friends.

  • If you order a full breakfast, let’s say your bill comes to $10.00.
  • Add on a 20% tip, which is $2.00.  For your table of 4, the waitress gets $8.00.
  • Let’s say she waits on 15 tables that day.  That gives her a tip total of $120.


  • If you order a full dinner at a moderate price, let’s say your bill comes to $25.00.
  • Add on a 20% tip, which is $5.00.  For your table of 4, the waitress gets $20.00.
  • Let’s say she waits on 15 tables that day.  That gives her a tip total of $300.

That’s significantly less money that the waitress earned for breakfast while waiting on the same number of people and tables.  Multiply that times 5 days per week and it adds up to $900 less for the week!  Now, I’m not saying that any server doesn’t deserve what they get.  They most definitely do.  They have to deal with all kinds of people for their entire shift and I’m sure not all of their experiences are pleasant.  I’m just not sure that the nice people serving our breakfast deserve so much less than those serving us later in the day.  I know that standard tipping is 20-25%, but maybe we could throw in a little bit extra for those angels of mercy with the coffeepot first thing in the morning.

Stop Saving!


I don’t know about you, but I’m a saver.  Despite my kids’ belief, I’m not a hoarder, but I definitely save stuff.  I have a really nice notebook that I should be writing in, but I’m saving it because I love it (in truth, I have more than one of these).  I have some nice perfume that I use on special occasions, but should be using it every day.  I have some little soaps that are really beautiful and some candles that smell awesome, but do I use them?  Nope.  I save them, just like the lovely stationery that I have and don’t use.

I’m not sure what I’m saving them for.   I know in my head that if use the notebook, I’m pretty sure I can find another one that I really like.  I can definitely run into TJ Maxx and find some great soaps to replace the ones I should be using.   I realize that I should be using all of these things in my daily life and not saving them for special occasions.  Every day is a special occasion, after all.  I got up this morning, I made it out of bed and managed (most of) my to-do’s on my list today.  For that alone, I think I probably deserve a spray of perfume or a special note to a friend written on beautiful paper.

There’s really no point in saving these things.   I can guarantee that my own kids will not feel the same way about these things that I do.  Nobody else will have the sentimental attachment or the “pull” that I felt when I purchased these items.  I got them because they made me feel good.  I should go ahead and use them for that very same reason.  I think this follows the same theory of eating dessert first.  Life is here in this very moment.  We should just go ahead and use every single thing that we have that makes us happy.  Every day we do the best job that we can and we deserve something that makes us feel special, whether it’s lighting a candle, putting on some perfume, writing in a beautiful journal…whatever it is that makes you happy.  So go ahead and use it up­­…stop saving up!

What do you save that you’re going to start using?

Those Two Little Words

apology flower

The power contained in the two little words “I’m Sorry” is enormous!  It can heal years-old hurt, renew friendships, and restore relationships.  It can change people’s lives by allowing them to start forgiving and to get past the hurt and it makes you feel better as well.  Why, if it’s so valuable to say them, are these two little words so difficult for us to say?

Pride for one thing.  None of us likes to admit that we did or said anything wrong–ever.  Our first inclination, then, is to deny, deny, deny.  Some initial responses when you’ve done something that you regret can include:

  • That’s not what I meant
  • You misunderstood
  • That never happened
  • (S)he is lying
  • That’s not really what I said
  • It came out wrong
  • You don’t understand

Why do we feel the need to explain how what we did or said makes us innocent, even when we’re not?  There is not one single person on this earth that is perfect; NOT ONE.  Why do we try so hard to prove that we are?  What do we have to gain?  Time?  Almost all the time, things come out anyway and you end up addressing it, so why prolong it?  The longer you wait, the worse it gets.  It eats at the person that did something and it eats away at the person that was wronged.  You both know something was said or done even if you’re not quite sure of the details or disagree about the circumstances.  Sometimes neither person knows how to fix it.  Is it because of embarrassment?  Probably, but that stays with you, too, until it’s resolved.  Sometimes it gets to be so big that you lose the relationship rather than admit you were wrong.  Is it worth it?  Good relationships are a blessing and not replaceable. Continue reading “Those Two Little Words”

National Suicide Prevention Week


This year, this week…you can make a difference.  The issue of suicide is always a bit scary, both because we’re afraid it will happen to someone we love and because we are, for the most part, not very knowledgeable about the subject until it affects us.  I have a few people in my life that have been directly impacted by this issue and my heart still breaks for the pain that they experience.  While I learned a bit about it, enough to have an intelligent conversation, I was still unaware of the actual statistics on this issue or the information that is available to help us all become more aware.  This week is National Suicide Prevention Week and, according to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, suicide is the 10th leading cause of death in the U.S.  In addition to that, for every suicide that is carried out, there are about 25 more attempts.  Life is hard for all of us and, for some, it’s harder.  We’ve made some strides in making this topic more mainstream, but we still have work to do.  Depression, mental illness, and suicide are not taboo topics; they are a necessary conversation.  This is no different than us researching cancer or heart attacks.  We all know the warning signs of those and take action to prevent or heal ourselves and those close to us.  We should be doing the same work on the topics of mental illness and/or suicide. Continue reading “National Suicide Prevention Week”