Change Happens, Ready or Not


Throughout our lives, we come across times of change, whether we looked for it or not and whether we want it or not. Obviously, how we react to these changes will affect the next portion of our life.

Some changes are easier to react to than others. For instance, if we actively decide to make a change for the better (new job with better hours, more pay, or a better location or a new house/apartment, new relationship, etc.), the change is much easier to live with. You’ve made the choice yourself and you’re benefiting from the change in a positive way. Does this mean everything is rosy? Nope. Continue reading “Change Happens, Ready or Not”

A Choice: Your Phone or Your Life


I realize that times change and that each generation does things differently than the one before it.  I also understand that the world around us requires us to change the way we do things.   I do believe, however, that with all the technology created to make our lives easier, we’ve actually allowed ourselves to become even busier than we were before.  This is about how we choose to manage that.

Obviously things change over time, usually a lot of time so that we don’t even notice it happening.  The goal of these advancements is to allow us to get more done in less time.  I think, however, we’ve taken that free time and filled it up with even more things to do, usually online and usually via our phone.  Yes, we get more done, but I don’t think we’ve gained anything because we’re not using it for things we want to do; we just keep adding in more things we think we have to do.   I think we’re so addicted now to filling up our time that we simply don’t know any other way.  Any free minute we have, we reach for our phone or laptop.  We always have to be looking at something, checking something, or doing something (or more than one thing). Continue reading “A Choice: Your Phone or Your Life”