Life with Limitations


Everybody has something to deal with, whether it’s chronic pain, illness, injury, stress, or trauma. I have some limitations in my life due to chronic illness. I won’t bore you with all the details of how chronic illness is defined or what it means. I won’t explain the names of the illnesses with which I live. Everybody has their own problems, ailments, and other struggles that they live with. Mine are certainly better than some and, for that, I’m grateful.

Having said that, I feel that it’s also beneficial to raise awareness for the struggles that people live with, whether the limitations are physical, mental, or emotional. I feel like they’re all intertwined anyway. For sure, when I feel physically depleted, I also feel angry or depressed or sad (or all 3). Sometimes my thinking is adversely affected and I don’t trust myself to make important decisions or even drive. My anxiety ramps up even more than usual. Conversely, if I’m feeling down or thinking less clearly, it also seems to magnify the physical aspect of my conditions. Being affected like this means that I’m incapable of functioning at my best. Continue reading “Life with Limitations”

Congratulations, Graduate!


Graduation, whether from grade school, high school, or college, has all the same elements to it.  This is really one of the only times in your life that really ARE all about you!  You have succeeded in showing up, doing what you needed to do, and you are being rewarded for it.  Life is great, isn’t it?  Graduation is an individual achievement.  You’re the one that chose to do the work.  You could have taken the easy way out, you could have given up, but you didn’t!

I know the future can be a bit uncertain at this point, whether you have a plan or not.  You can be confident in your choice, but there’s still a bit of uneasiness about how it’s going to play out.  You’re unfamiliar with what the next step brings, but that’s okay.  Everybody is; don’t let them fool you.  You are all going to be starting on the same page again.  What you choose to do from there is, once again, all up to you.

Look back on this day and remember:  YOU CAN DO ANYTHING!  You got here, didn’t you?  Decide what you want, figure out how to get it, and GO DO IT.

Congratulations and Best of Luck to You!