Happy Taco Day!

taco day
Taco Day

I LOVE LOVE LOVE tacos!  There are so many ways to fix them that it can work for everybody.  As a busy mom, you can throw these together in seconds.  I always keep 1# packages of taco meat in the freezer.  You simply thaw and heat, add the toppings and you’re ready to eat.

Depending on what you put in them and how you fix them, it can be a gourmet meal (think lobster and melted butter or prime rib) to casual (ground beef, turkey, shrimp, etc.).  You can fix the base of the tacos (shell, meat, cheese) ahead of time and let people add to them if they want or set it out as an all buffet meal. Nothing gets easier than that, especially for a team dinner or family get-together.

An added benefit to tacos is that you can sneak in some healthy ingredients without anybody being the wiser.  For years, I used a half-and-half combo of ground beef and ground turkey for all my recipes and nobody ever knew it.  You can shred some veggies and add them to your tacos.  One of my very favorite ways to eat now them is to saute some red, orange, and yellow peppers and some onion in coconut oil, add some black beans and seasoning, and roll it up into a corn tortilla.  YUM!

Any way you fill them, roll them, or eat them, tacos are a great thing. Happy Taco Day to you!

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4 thoughts on “Happy Taco Day!”

    1. Thank you! What a perfect addition to Taco Day! For anybody else interested, I’ll post this recipe as well. It’s turning into the perfect time of year to start making this.

        1. I LOVE recipes! I can spend all day looking through them and deciding which ones are going to taste the best. Then you get the anticipation of making something delicious and the satisfaction when it works out…all good!

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