It’s Sunday – Do THIS Today!


We can look at Sunday two different ways. It’s either the end of the weekend and you’re already planning your upcoming week or you’re still enjoying your weekend and haven’t yet thought about the week ahead. Either way, think about doing THIS sometime today.

Real quick, think about something that makes you happy. Don’t think about whether or not you can do it; don’t think about the logistics of it. Just real quick…what makes you happy?

What are the first few things that you thought of?

Pick one of these and, sometime in the upcoming week, do something to support whatever it is. It can be as small as talking to a friend or as big as taking a vacation. It can be whatever makes you happy. Many times, it’s the act of just doing anything at all that makes us happy.  It’s the feeling we get when we’re planning a vacation; just the process is exciting.

If it’s a smaller, easier goal like meeting up with a friend, going for a walk, or reading that book you’ve wanted to get to, that’s great. It’s still important to take it seriously and make sure you get it done! Many times, we just assume that it will get done during the week so we don’t make a plan for it and we don’t make it a priority. I don’t know about you, but I always have things like this that just don’t get done and it rolls over from week to week on my list of “wanna’ do”.

Sometimes we’re not able to achieve our big goals, but we can do something similar to it, something that makes us happy. For instance, if your dream was to take an exotic vacation and you’re not able to do that because of time or money, can you think of something similar that would make you happy THIS week? Maybe read a book about your desired location, listen to some music that is central to your theme, or visit a local park and just enjoy the nature that’s available to you. Maybe you can put together a plan to reach your ultimate goal. The point is that you’re always able to accomplish something that is relative to your happiness. It doesn’t matter if it’s big or small; the point is that you’re doing something.

Life is too short to just get through it taking care of what you have to do. It should also be about what you want to do. What are some things you can do? If you enjoy nature, take a walk, go to a park, or take some pictures. If you enjoy cooking or baking, try out a new restaurant or make that recipe you’ve been wanting to try. If you enjoy exercise or fitness, make it a point to schedule a workout or yoga session, meditate, or do something similar that you enjoy. We have a tendency to put these things off, just assume they’ll get done, or think we just don’t have the time. Make the time, make an appointment with yourself. Pick a day and time between right now and next Sunday night. Write it down, put it in your phone, do whatever you need to do to make sure it happens. Make this time count. Your happiness is as important to your well-being as your to-do list is. Treat it like it’s important and schedule it in.

Make the time, make a plan, and be happy!


Author: Deb's Theory

I'm just an ordinary woman getting through life. I think most of us are doing the same--doing the best we can every day and hoping it's enough. By sharing our stories, our thoughts, and common experiences, I'm hoping it will make it all just a little bit easier to BE.

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