There’s Always Room for Disagreement

These days, there are so many things in our world that are being disputed. This isn’t a bad thing. Everything SHOULD be up for debate; it’s how we change our world. It’s long-standing practice to question our culture, our laws, and the state of our world. It’s how positive change is made. It’s not always easy and it’s not always pleasant or even peaceful. This practice of evaluation, discussion, disagreement, and action is as old as our country and it’s how we got where we are.

As citizens, it’s not only our right to question what’s happening around us, but it’s our duty as citizens to ensure that our voice is counted and that our democracy continues to grow and flourish. This means that voices should not be quieted, peaceful protests should always be allowed to happen, and every single citizen has a right to an opinion and to express it.

Our current climate of government is unlike any other in our lifetime. It seems as if every norm over the past decades has been turned upside down. The things that we’ve taken for granted such as democracy, fairness, and open communication have disappeared. We’re in a situation unlike anything in the history of our own government. Many flags have been raised; many experts in past and current administrations have grave concerns regarding the direction that our country is headed. Many individuals have strong opposing opinions and believe that the direction that we’re heading is long overdue and the right way to achieve success in our country.

Disregarding opinions on the many matters under discussion, the fundamental right to disagree is still valued in our country. In fact, it’s what we should do to ensure vigorous debate and a healthy outcome. Our voices should be heard and peaceful protests are a way to accomplish that. Other ways to express our opinions can include getting involved in campaigns, joining committees for causes that you believe in, and even just having conversations with others. Most of all, though, we can vote.

Your vote represents your beliefs, your ideals, and your position on all kinds of issues. November is coming up fast. Look at not just the presidential race, but all offices, including those in your own community. Do your homework and look at the issues and the candidates’ views on those issues. What are the things most important to you? What are their stated positions and what is their past voting history? Make your voice heard! Do your part to make this great country of ours become what you want it to be!

Republicans, Democrats, Americans


I am SO frustrated right now with our politics.  I honestly feel embarrassed as an American today.  Don’t misunderstand me; I’m still very glad to be an American, but I’m not proud of who we are right now and I’m embarrassed as we play out our squabbles on the world stage.

There are obviously so many issues going on right now that we are simply unable to even keep up with the many darts being thrown left and right.  It seems as if every day, every hour in fact on some days, brings new topics of conversation to the table and none of them are clear-cut and very few of them are ever resolved.  They are simply being replaced with a new topic du jour.  There is a sense of intrigue, of conspiracy, and of distrust in all things being conveyed nowadays.  The average person honestly doesn’t know what is true and what is not anymore.  The fact that we have our highest level of politicians calling each other liars and putting out inaccurate information is humiliating to me as a citizen.  There is so much stuff being thrown into the air that people cannot keep up and that’s pretty scary to me.  I like to understand what’s going on with things that are relative to my safety, security, and my human rights (and everybody else’s). Continue reading “Republicans, Democrats, Americans”